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Self Care

Self care is a term that many people use nowadays. What does it mean? It can include exercise, eating healthy, meditating, getting outside in nature or spending time with loved ones. Learn about different ways to empower you to become stronger and healthier so you can live your best life. We hope this post helps you understand and implement these practices in your life.

Self care is a topic that’s been making headlines lately, but there are still plenty of people who don’t know what it means or how to do it.

Self care is something that most people talk about doing, but few actually do. That’s because doing something nice for yourself can be hard—especially when you’re feeling overwhelmed by stress and anxiety as a result of your busy schedule. It can also seem selfish; many people would rather spend their time helping others than spending money on themselves or taking a day off from work (which is often necessary for effective relaxation). However, without taking proper steps toward self-care each day, we risk developing mental health problems like depression and anxiety along with physical problems such as heart disease or arthritis.

Self care is a little different for everyone, but it can be helpful to have a framework to think about certain types:

  • Exercise such as Online Pilates
  • Taking time for yourself and doing things you enjoy
  • Eating well (bringing your lunch)

In addition to these three things, I also do some other things that help me feel good both physically and mentally. These include:

  • Taking naps when I need them (which is often!)
  • Not taking myself too seriously!
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