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Turn Exercise from a Chore to a Joyful Activity: Discover the Fun in Fitness!

Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. It is well known that regular exercise can improve overall health, reduce the risk of chronic diseases, and improve mental well-being. 

However, the question arises, is exercising a fun activity or a chore we must do?

The answer to this question depends on how you perceive exercising. If you find exercise a chore, keep reading for some insights on how to change how you approach exercise.

For many people, exercising isn’t fun. It is something that they feel they must do to stay healthy and they don’t enjoy it. They may find it boring, tiring, or even painful. These people often struggle to motivate themselves to exercise and may even skip workouts altogether. 

On the other hand, some people view exercise as a fun activity. They enjoy the feeling of working up a sweat, the rush of endorphins that come with exercise, and the sense of accomplishment that comes with achieving their fitness goals. These people look forward to their workouts and find them to be an enjoyable and rewarding part of their day.

If you are someone who views exercising as a chore – don’t worry, you aren’t alone.  There are a few things you can do to change your perception. 

Ask Yourself What You Enjoy Doing

First, try to find an activity that you enjoy. I know this sounds simple but try to think outside the box. Whether it is dancing, swimming, roller skating, hiking, or playing a sport, there are many different ways to exercise besides joining a gym. Find something that you love, and it will not feel like a chore anymore. Often that answer is in our youth. What did you like to do as a child? Run, dance, swim, play soccer? It can be incredibly fun and playful to revisit activities you liked to do as a child as an adult. 

I had a friend who did not like exercising but she loved to dance! So instead of joining the gym, she started clogging. She had fun while working up a sweat and dancing to music. 

Set Attainable Goals

Second, set achievable goals for yourself. Start small and work your way up. If you try to do too much too soon, you may become overwhelmed and discouraged. By setting achievable goals, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and be motivated to continue. 

I post short Pilates exercise videos on my YouTube channel that you can easily squeeze in at any time of the day. My intention with my Youtube community is to give you short but effective exercises to inspire you to get moving. 

Doing even a couple of minutes of Pilates every day is better for you than 1 hour once a week. You’ll feel empowered and healthy with these quick but effective Pilates routines, carefully curated to challenge, strengthen and lengthen you in all the right places, anytime, anywhere.

Community Is Important

Third, find your tribe. Exercising with a community of people can make it more enjoyable and can also keep you accountable. You can motivate each other and celebrate each other’s successes. Plus knowing that you are exercising with others can be incredibly validating. Just knowing others are caring for their health and wellness, reminds us to stay active and push ourselves to show up each day! 

When I started my online Pilates classes during the pandemic it quickly built up into a wonderful community of members. Each morning we would meet together online to exercise. It was a lovely way to stay in shape, be accountable and keep up with a daily movement habit. Since then the community has continued to grow with members all over the world!

If you are someone who already views exercising as a fun activity, keep up the good work! It is important to continue challenging yourself and trying new things to keep things interesting. Consider trying a new workout class, or setting a new fitness goal for yourself. I often say “In order to change yourself, you need to challenge yourself”. Don’t get stuck in the same boring routine. Switch it up, try a new class or activity, or find an instructor who keeps things fresh and works your body in many different ways. 

In conclusion, exercising can be either a fun activity or a chore depending on your perception. By finding an activity you enjoy, setting achievable goals, and finding your tribe of like-minded people, you can turn exercising into a fun and rewarding part of your day. Remember, exercise is not just about staying healthy; it is also about feeling good and having fun!


Christine Kirkland is a Certified Pilates Instructor offering online Pilates classes. She specializes in helping adults to increase their balance, strength, mobility and feel their best every day