Benefits Of Using The Foam Roller As We Age

woman balancing on foam roller

As we age our connective tissue becomes dehydrated. You can think of it like a sponge, our connective tissue becomes like a dried-up sponge over time. Lovely, I know.

How can we help ourselves feel better overall and help our cells on an anatomy level? 

This is where the foam roller comes in!

When you foam roll, you release the tissue and allow hydration to enter the cells which translates to the release of tightness and knots. Think of it as your cells and connective tissue drinking a big glass of water. This is why using the foam roller feels so good. Regardless of how much liquid you have had in a day—if your tissue isn’t hydrated then you are going to feel more knots and tightness in the body. This is what compresses the nerves and creates pain in the body.

There are various ways to use the foam roller to re-hydrate cells in the body.  Specifically we can target areas of the body which tend to feel tight and lead to imbalances, including:

  • Upper Back
  • Hips
  • Cervival Spine (neck)

Foam rolling doesn’t have to be painful to see results. However, keeping up with a gentle foam rolling routine can release and re-hydrate your connective tissue and cells. Think of it as anti-aging for your cells and connective tissues. The result equals feeling taller, pain-free, more centered and relaxed.  

Interested in seeing for yourself how to use the foam roller to release and re-hydrate your cells? Please click here to try a short foam roller video on my public YouTube page. 

If you enjoy the foam roller, I teach a full-length Pilates class using the foam roller and small Pilates ball live each Monday (which, in my opinion, is the best way to start your week). 

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