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Christine Kirkland – certified online Pilates classes

Your Pilates Instructor

Hi! My name is Christine. I’m a certified Pilates instructor who’s passionate about helping adults feel their absolute best through the power of low impact movement. With a focus on empowerment, my mission is to guide and support you in becoming stronger, healthier, and living your most fulfilling life.

Having personally witnessed the transformative effects of gentle Pilates on my own body after the birth of both my children, I now dedicate my career to assisting others in enhancing their physical well-being, especially during life’s various transitions.

Since 2014, I has been teaching Pilates both in-studio and online, sharing my love for all things movement. I consistently upgrade my skills by participating in ongoing education courses with the Pilates Method Alliance, Body Harmonics, and the University of Western Ontario Centre for Activity and Aging.

Residing in a charming town in Southern Ontario, I enjoy my spare time with my husband, two daughters, and our newest addition to the family—a lovable pup named Kaia.

What I do

I Offer a New Way of Healthy Living

My philosophy regarding exercise revolves around prioritizing gentle feel-good movement. When exercise feels pleasurable, it increases the likelihood of maintaining a consistent routine, and we observe results through this consistency.

The traditional mindset of solely focusing on heavy weightlifting and intense cardio may not be suitable for everyone. Instead, let’s participate in activities that don’t feel burdensome and inspire us to integrate them into our daily routines. By doing so, we can cultivate vitality and enhance our overall well-being.

 Basically gentle low impact exercise is my jam.

Years Teaching Experience

What People Say

“My husband and I both participate in three classes a week and take advantage of the recorded classes as well. At 74, we hike the trails with confidence, knowing our core strength and balance will keep us safely on our feet! Thanks Christine.”

Ariel R.

“I have always enjoyed Christine’s classes wherever they are offered… and so have all of the friends I have referred! Overall, Pilates has been a health and wellness game changer for me. It has been part of my life for more than 10 years, and can’t imagine ever giving it up!”

Lorraine G.

“Christine is a wonderful teacher who guides you through her Pilates classes. Pilates improves your muscle strength and tone and adds flexibility to your body. Christine is very knowledgeable about how our bodies work and, in her classes, she not only demonstrates how to do each of the Pilates exercises but also provides information on the benefits to be gained. I currently take 3 classes a week with Christine and I don’t want to miss any one of them.  I have been taking Pilates classes with Christine for 5 years.”

Linda W.