What is Proprioception?

Part of developing your Pilates practice is to pay attention to your form, foster a mind-body connection and improve your proprioception.  Developing proprioception helps you avoid nasty trips and falls. 

Proprioception is the sensory information you are getting from your muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Proprioception allows you to know where your body is in space and which muscles are required to move.  

An example is if you are standing on the beach barefoot. Your brain is getting all this information in your feet about how the sand feels and how it feels as your muscles grip the sand. The sensory information from your muscles, ligaments, and tendons is relaying to your brain and telling you the position of your ankles and knees. 

 Another example is when your Pilates instructor asks you to move your arms overhead with your opposite leg while lying on the mat. You may not see your arms and legs moving however proprioception is working hard to get your brain and body moving together. Proprioception fosters coordination, better posture and helps to activate the muscles you want to use.

 Practicing proprioception is important but especially as we age. Impaired proprioception inhibits you from activating required muscles to keep you balanced or catch you if you fall. Regular physical activity as you age is beneficial to preserve proprioception and keep your brain, muscles, ligaments, and tendons working together harmoniously. 

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