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Formula to stay motivated in your fitness routine

How are you making out with your resolutions for 2022? Are your goals for 2022 starting to seem like a distant memory? Does the cold weather just make you want to curl up in a blanket and do it tomorrow?

You aren’t the only one. 

Most people are good at keeping their resolutions at the beginning of the year however this declines with each passing week. One week after making their resolutions-  75% of people are still successful in keeping it. After 6 months this number drops to 46%. 

Many resolutions include a bad habit you want to break (cutting out processed food) or a change to your daily routine (new exercise program).  And to be honest, sometimes we just don’t feel like doing that HIIT workout and we just want to eat chocolate brownies for breakfast. 

 I like to think of resolutions more as promises to myself and try to offer myself more flexibility in hitting my goal. Therefore I can take days off from exercising and I can eat those brownies for breakfast.  However the key is to not do it multiple days in a row.

Consistency is most important when looking to see results in both your exercise routine and healthy eating habits. Will missing 1 workout cause you to not hit your goal?  NO. Will eating that brownie for breakfast one day cause you to gain weight? NO. 

However making this a regular occurrence will not be the best for your health. 

How do you help yourself when you feel like you have got off track with your fitness goals? There is a simple formula:

Complete a workout = a reward

Miss a workout = no reward

The next workout = double reward yourself

This trains you to stay consistent and rewards you for not missing 2 workouts in a row.  It can take some time to instill a new habit. Showing yourself some compassion when you get off track is helpful. Stay consistent with your workouts but don’t forget to celebrate and reward yourself for jumping back in.  Remember, it is not a sprint but a marathon when it comes to your health. On those days when the couch is looking more appealing than your exercise routine, always remember that there is no downside to being a better mover.

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