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2 Pasta Dishes You Have To Try

Our kids are obsessed with pasta. To be more accurate, they love pasta with any type of cheese. I haven’t always shared this love of pasta. Throughout my 30’s I had a devastating split from pasta as part of a gluten-free stage. Well, luckily gluten is not a problem for me. I enjoy trying new recipes and with the fall weather coming I find myself drawn to warmer dishes such as pasta. 

Below are 2 pasta recipes that are not created by myself but are regulars on our weekly menu. I love sharing recipes and especially recipes that are a family favourite or weekly staple.  

Anna Jone’s one-pan lemon pasta is so simple. The flavours are so fresh you will want to eat this year-round. 

The shredded chicken and feta pasta is another super easy dish but a little more decadent with the feta cheese. This is a staple in our household. We have been making this dish for years. Chances are if we have had you over for dinner, you would have likely be served this dish.

Click on the type below to get the recipes.

Anna Jone’s Kale, Tomato and Lemon Zest Pasta

Shredded Chicken With Fried Basil and Feta


Do you have a favourite pasta dish? Please share in the comments below.


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